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It was determined that the aircraft broke up in mid-air, with its two passengers likely to have been overcome by fumes from a faulty exhaust. Sala is said to have died from head and chest injuries sustained in the crash. Mr Ibbotson’s body has never been found.

There has been plenty of speculation about Cristiano Ronaldo departing the club at the end of the current campaign. The top KristianP maglia francia 2022 DonaldPlo scorer in the history of football is, however, confident that the club will get it right with their next manager. The favourite to replace Rangnick is Ajax boss Erik Ten Hag, according to The argentinien trikot 2022 Telegraph, although United officials have yet to make a final decision on the next manager.

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Speaking after the redraw, indeed, Madrid’s director of institutional relations, Emilio Butragueño, a man who has become a past KristianP maglia francia 2022 DonaldPlo master in say-nothing-out-of-turn diplomacy during his time in the role, shot uncharacteristically from the hip. He described what had happened as “shameful” and “very difficult to understand”.

The first tie was drawn without incident, Benfica given a clash with Real Madrid, but the second pairing saw Villarreal matched up with Manchester United, despite the fact the Red Devils had topped Group F ahead of the Submarino Amarillo.